Who We Are


It is our purpose to be a voice for responsible leadership that knows that it is good business to treat people with respect, honor the environment and act with impeccable integrity.

We believe that business is one of the most powerful forces in the world. It has a major impact on public policy and governments everywhere. It is a key influence on how we use our natural resources and sets an example of the values that are important.


We bring leadership experience in the organizational areas we serve. Each team member is committed to providing our clients with measurable value that is consistent with their purpose, vision and goals. We bring our full commitment and passion to each relationship. We speak simply and look for the essence in every problem. We search for the beliefs that create limitations and enthusiastically dispel them. We build long lasting, trust-based relationships and we have exceeded every client’s expectations.


Profoundly Simple was founded by Thomas White. His passion for bringing out the best in leaders and their organizations is the fire that fuels all of Profoundly Simple’s client work. We continuously strive to inspire our clients to create cultures where people love what they do, work at their best and produce extraordinary results. For more information on Thomas click here.

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